Thursday, January 29, 2015

Discussion: Does the format need a banned list?

Currently the formats only restrictions are:
-That cards must have tournament legal foil printings.
-No silver Border cards
-No game type specific cards such as, Vanguard, Conspiracy, Planechase, or Archenemy

Are there cards that are possibly to good to be legal? Will bannings hurt the pureness of the format? If cards do need to be banned which ones?


The newest format to hit the series: Highlander Roulette, show up with 3-6 decks in your wheel in the best deck building skills test this side of the rio grande. New Monthly tournaments.

 Get ready for the most in depth and exciting deck construction challenge to date for Magic. Have fun!

Discussion: How should Wishes work?

How it works now:
With a wish you target a specific deck in your wheel other then the one you are playing. You may only search that deck for a card to grab with your wish.
Open for discussion: Is this the most efficient way wishes could function.
Opens up new deck construction options. Fun new way to play the wish cards.
The amount of time once you target a deck is not that much more then say a demonic tutor. 
Cons: Doesn't align with the other rules because we don't technically have sideboards, and there shouldn't be acceptions that change what the cards say.
 Also, the concern that was brought up to me about time delay during a tournament "thinking" which deck to target, and then going through 100 options.


The Rules:
- 15% of your wheel can be printer proxies
- Each player will bring 3-6 decks to the tournament. (start with 3 and add one each time)
- These decks must be 100 cards each.
- Every card must have a foil version of itself in print. The card you play does not need to be foil.
- There can be no more than one copy of any card amongst ANY of your decks. (basic land excluded) (So if you play Tinker in deck 1 you cannot play it in deck 2)
- No silver bordered (Unglued, Unhinged, Holiday) cards will be allowed, any normal sized black border MTG foil card can be used.
-No cards with the Conspiracy card type are allowed. Also Vangaurd, Planechase, and Archenemy cards are in the same way illegal.
- One "Free" mulligan is allowed per game, after the first paris mulligan rules are in effect.
- "Wish"cards can now be used in a new way. When casting a "Wish" spell, you can use whatever deck you are not playing as your sideboard. When casting the spell you choose which deck you are targeting as your sideboard. Upon resolution you can search only that deck.
- Standard 2 out of 3 games per round as usual.

-Game one you will roll a die to randomly choose which of your six decks you will be playing. Game 2 you will roll to see which of the five remaining decks you will play. If there is a game 3 than you will randomly select from your remaining four decks.
-If your opponent has less decks then you, you may choose any number of your decks to equal your opponents number of decks and use those for the match.
-If the match is ever tied for game wins, you re-roll to see who goes first (this is different then with normal tournament magic in which only the loser of the previous game chooses)

Remember Judge Foils, FNM foils, and FTV foils are allowed. Get ready for the most in depth and exciting deck construction challenge to date for Magic. Have fun!